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I started this blog in an effort to track my experiences with pregnancy and beyond. Writing is therapeutic. Kind of like talking to myself without the people in WalMart thinking I'm crazy. If you find some entertainment in this along the way, then even better!

This is one woman's journey through unfathomable hunger, vivid sex dreams and a bulging belly...from conception to birth in 9 months or less...

Pushing the Pretty Pushers

Monday, January 4, 2010
Ok, so awhile back I posted about these awesome things, Pretty Pushers, which I learned about on Dear Baby.

So I ordered 3 sets. Only 1 is for me, 2 are for friends. Though, that's not to say it didn't cross my mind to have a wardrobe change once or twice throughout the process. I mean, people tell me it might take like, 24+ hours, so why not keep myself fresh? But I decided against it. Both because I don't have the money for such things, and because I'm sure mid-labour I'll be lucky to be wearing any clothes, let alone changing (but I WILL be thinking about it...especially when photographs are involved!). So anyway. they came awhile ago, but since I've been sick, busy, moving offices and gestating a human, I haven't had a chance to post about them.

But here I am, posting them.

Now, my photography skills are more than lacking. The hubs bought me an awesome camera last year, and if I had the patience of even an 8 year old, I'd of figured out the tricks by now. But instead, I just go on "Auto" and let it tell me what it needs to do. I don't always agree, but who the hell am I to question my Canon?

Anyway, here is it, in not as much glory as it should be.

They arrived in a giant box, and inside that box there were 3 other awesome boxes. Exhibit A:

I bought a purple, a blue and a stripes, so I found the stripes one (and these boxes were nice and labeled so the other 2 are still completely in tact. I LOVE places that pay attention to the importance of packaging). And inside, I found my Pretty Pusher gift set. And again, loving the presentation!! Exhibit B:

And then I looked closer. You'll notice a lip gloss WITH mirror, some warming massage oil (hello back rub from the hubs, or the doula if he's passed out), and the refreshing lemon scented wipes.  Exhibit C:

And then I tore the box open as fast as I could  And then I carefully opened the beautiful package to find my Pretty Pusher inside. Notice the matching headband, because hello, who needs to worry about her bangs during labour? OR her headband not matching exactly. As if. Exhibit D:

So then it was time to try it on. Um, after 15 mins or so of me trying to figure out where my head goes (for your future reference, it goes through the head hole. You know, the one at the top with the halter? But see, there are all these ties and things and I confuse easily at the best of time, let alone when I'm excited!), I was in! These photos are horrible. They are of me, so strike 1, in poor lighting, so strike 2, in my sorry excuse for a full length mirror, strike 3. So don't hold it against the Pretty Pusher. The dress is what they are referring to, not the wearer HA. Exhibit E:

Openings for monitors and other medical type things that are used (and a giant belly button, where planes could land):

The back (and the hardest photo to get), which is low, so you can get your epidural in there (if you're having one) and not have to give up your fashionista style! Mind my bra, I'm one of those people with small tata's who is afraid to go braless, like it would matter:

And last but not least, my super svelte side profile:

So, that is that. So far my review is that this thing is AWESOME. It's nicer than I expected even. The material is thicker and softer than I expected for the price I paid, and the packaging and presentation were seriously above and beyond what I expected.

I highly recommend this as a gift for any fashionista in mommy training. I think they are a lot of fun. And while certainly not a labour necessity, they are one of those special little somethings that will help make the frantic insanity of delivery day that much more enjoyable. Pretty Pushers get a 10 from me....stay tuned for my post labour follow-up, when I test them out, in action!

Pretty Pushers website it here!

*as an aside, I bought and paid for all 3 sets of Pretty Pushers, at no special deal. This review was done solely for personal reasons, because when I love something I want to share it. I was in no way compensated for said warm fuzziness.

13 comments to Pushing the Pretty Pushers:

Mary said...

Thank you Brandee...this totally made me smile. I created this product in hopes of everything you just said. I'm so glad that it exceeded your expectations and most of all, has added some fun to your pregnancy journey. You have already inspired a few new products...I'll keep you posted. This is by far the most rewarding part of business...a truly happy customer.
Mary Apple
President and Founder
Pretty Pushers, Inc.

Kristi said...

Hi, My name is Kristi and I just found your blog from a comment you left on Harpers Happenings. I find that writing is very therapeutic as well. I've never heard of these Pretty Pushers! They are such a great idea. I didn't get to "push" =( But I have a cousin that is due at the end of the month so I'm going to buy her one of these. Great Find!

Emily said...

LOL to simultaneous blogstalking with my above friend Kristi- hilarious.

I too read the review on Dearbaby and tried to win but failed. I think these things are super cute and was also curious about how the fabric would feel and if it would feel cheap. (you never know when people get stuff for free how honest they are) anyhow- I am not puhing out anything- but think I may be ordering one just for my hospital stay. Even the c-section mamas need fashionable hospital gowns!
<3 emmiebee.com

Brittany Ciara Sheets said...

Of course I smiled. :) Your sense of humor is impeccable. Saw your link on SITS and just wanted to drop in and say hi! Can't wait to read more of your blogs.

Babe_chilla said...

Kristi - FUN! I would loved to have received these for a gift, I think it's one of those things most people wouldn't buy for themselves, but would so enjoy getting :D

Emily - I love blog stalking! I was actually surprised by the fabric. I expected it to be a little bit papery, but it's very soft. It's not like you could wash and wear it 25 times, but it's definitely nicer that I anticipated. And I think it would be good for a C section too...anything to get away from those fugly hospital gowns!!!

Brittany - thanks for coming by from SITS! YAY!

And to all 3 of you, thanks for the comments. I heart new friends!

JoeyRes said...

Wow, I never knew there was special attire for the delivery room. I'm trying desperately to remember what I wore - must have been the fugly hospital gown. Truthfully, pretty pushers might be distraught that you don't really care what the heck you're wearing when the baby human is coming out. Great post though!

Babe_chilla said...

AHAHAH I am QUITE sure I won't care at ALL what I am wearing but, for now, I am looking forward to strutting in this so, their part is done :D

Missy said...

Those are so cute! And convenient. However, seeing as I had c-sections, they would have been totally useless.

Stopping in from SITS.

Anonymous said...

Such an amazing idea!! I'll keep it in mind for baby no.2 for sure. I HATED the ugly hospital gown. It made me feel like I was sick or something. This one is super cute! It almost makes me want to pick up some cute heels to complete the "outfit".

Babe_chilla said...

I'm thinking flip flops will go well :D

Me, Myself and Pie said...

How cute and such an awesome idea!

BabyMama said...

Its been a while, but i came across your blog while researching the pusher....i noticed that it is once size....i am 5'1 and, at 35 weeks weight 117 and my ladies are up around a 36D....what do you think about it fitting? you could email me at jadavis5@gmail.com or my blog jordynsavannah.blogspot.com :)

highsgirlxo said...

Thanks for the pictures. The worst part of the epidural was sitting on the edge of the bed with the back of the gown open showing my big pregnant butt to some complete stranger. Last time it was the anesthesiologist AND his inturn. I would buy one of these things simply to avoid that moment.

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